There are a variety of reasons as to why more people choose to bet on football over any sport. The first reason that comes to mind is very simple; football is the sport they know and understand the best. Football is incredibly popular, and the majority of football bettors are fans of the sport first and foremost. They choose to bet on it because they believe their knowledge and understanding will help them win money.

We understand why football fans think this way. If they follow football closely, and are knowledgeable about all the relevant teams and players, it makes sense that they’ll be able to confidently form accurate predictions concerning the games’ outcomes.

We only wish that football betting was that straightforward? Don’t get us wrong. Being knowledgeable about a sport is not only beneficial, but it’s actually a necessity. The football strategies we discuss here would be nearly impossible to implement without a fundamental understanding of football and an in-depth knowledge of the teams and players.

However, this knowledge and understanding is of limited use by itself. It can help with making accurate predictions, and it can help you win a few wagers every now and then. What it won’t be able to do is help you consistently make money over any substantial period of time.

There are two reasons for this. First, the bookmakers have even more knowledge and understanding of football than most bettors do. This is especially true when it comes to the NFL. They take millions upon millions of dollars in NFL wagers, so you can be certain that they know everything there is to know. This enables them to set very tight odds and lines that are very hard to beat on a regular basis.

The second reason is that successful football betting isn’t actually about making accurate predictions: not entirely, anyway. The goal isn’t necessarily to determine what’s most likely to happen, but rather to determine where the value lies in the football betting markets. This requires considering other factors in addition to those that directly affect a football game.


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